Kayla Ramsey grew up under the heavy influence of Norwegian lefse and embarrassingly puffy snow pants in Eau Claire, Wis. As it turns out, sleepy hometowns breed darkroom obsessions.

In 2010, Kayla received an academic scholarship to Western Kentucky University. She spent the subsequent four years mastering technical skills, learning how to genuinely communicate with subjects, and delivering work beyond client expectations. Her photographic spectrum ranges from the light-hearted (sports, features, products) to the heavy (prostitution rehabilitation, chronic illness, aging parents).

Out of passion and necessity, Kayla additionally began working in layout design to ensure print and online publications display visuals in a balanced, consistent manner. In short, bad fonts and poor branding cause her great insomnia. Upon graduating cum laude with a B.A. in Photojournalism, Kayla's self-published book on a southern gay couple adopting six foster children won Blurb's "Our Favorite Person" award.

The creative field in the Northeast has welcomed Kayla as she continues to expand her craft. As a photographer at Eyefull Food, her CEO and coworkers nominated her for Washingtonian's "Best Photographer in D.C." As a photojournalist and designer at Gear Patrol, her CEO dubbed her the magazine's "Quick Study". Currently as a photo editor and designer at Hearst, Kayla has had the honor to create and implement digital media rebranding strategies, proving aesthetic appeal in e-commerce directly affects profitability.

And this is only the beginning. Expect continued excellence and increasing abilities. Expect a lifelong learner and adventure advocate. Expect quick humor and elevated visual standards. Expect brand loyalty and one too many cat pictures on Instagram.